U.S. Immigration Station & Assay Office (INS)


This collection highlights stories of the US immigration experience, particuarly at the INS building in Seattle. Now INScape Arts, the INS building used to serve as the U.S. Immigration Station and Assay Office since 1932, and closed in 2004. The Station used to be an entry and exit point for immigrants arriving in Seattle. 

A permanent installation on immigration is present at the Wing. See Voices of the Immigration Station for more information.

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David Ayala
David Ayala gives an overview of his life as his church's youth leader, then a union activist during the El Salvadorian Civil War. He also describes his experiences on both sides of immigration, as an immigrant himself, and then as an organizer for…

Li Chang Wong
Oral History Interview with Li Chang Wong

Vivien Sharples
Oral History Interview with Vivien Sharples
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