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Chow Family Chinese Opera Costumes


These costumes are on loan to the museum by the Chow family.

They were used by Ping Chow.

Friends of Little Saigon Cultural History Project


This exhibit presents the items catalogued by the Friends of Little Saigon's research project for their timeline at the FLS Creative Space. The data was shared with the Wing Luke Museum to be preserved and become part of our online database. Visit the Little Saigon Creative at 1227 S. Weller Street Suite A in Seattle to see a history exhibit and art displays and find out more about Little Saigon.

Northwest Asian American Theatre Poster Collection


Poster from productions and performances by and through the Northwest Asian American Theatre

Restaurant Menu Collection


Menus from restuarants of the
Chinatown International District and some from other areas.

Shibai: Seattle Japanese American Theater Collection

Nippon Kan Screen.jpg

法  (ほう)                   hō             dharma (Buddha’s teachings)

楽  (らく)                  raku         joy, rejoicing,  comfort, ease

法楽(ほうらく)   hōraku    the joy of waking to the dharma

“Entertainment followed (Buddhist) services, as far back as 1,200 years ago. Shibai (plays) were the sources of entertainment and taught us something.”
                                             -Reverend Masao Kodani Senshin  

                                                Buddhist Temple of Los Angeles  

Takano Studio Photograph Collection


Takano Studio was a Japanese photo studio in Seattle.

This collection is primarily 8 x 10 nitrate negatives of community members in the 1930s.