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20 Years After the Fall of Saigon

Exhibit at Wing Luke

30 Years After the Fall of Saigon

Exhibit at Wing Luke with various contents (Art Oral Story Spoken Word) and materials (CD DVD)

40 Years After the Vietnam War Move Past Name-Calling

Newspaper article in the Seattle Times - Thanh Tan's story about how she and her family still encounters racism and bigotry in the US today.

8 Immortals Restaurant Menu

8 Immortals 1.jpg
8 Immortals Restaurant Menu

A Fateful Day for Vietnamese

Stories and thoughts from Vietnamese refugees/immigrants in America.

A History of Change in Little Saigon

Article in the NW Asian Weekly. Gives an overview of Little Saigon's history.

A Letter to My Nephews About the Anniversary of the Fall of Saigon

Newspaper article in the Seattle Times - a personal letter to the author's nephews about Vietnamese refugees/immigrants' experience and what it means to be Vietnamese-American.

A new way to help Seattleā€™s homeless: Navigation Center set to open Wednesday

Newspaper article on the opening of Navigation Center in Little Saigon

A Restaurant Owner Braces Himself To Keep Seattle's Little Saigon Vietnamese

Newspaper article on the perspective of business owners about the development changes to Little Saigon in late 2010s

A Ringmaster of Refugee Services

Newspaper article in the Seattle Post Intelligencer about Kim Long a Seattle community leader.