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Erica Chung

Erica Chung Interview.docx.pdf
Erica Chung shares her experience as a business consultant going through the pandemic and how her Korean American heritage has affected her current life. She also discusses her family life during the pandemic and how COVID has changed her home.

Kim Sauer

Kim Sauer Interview.docx.pdf
Kim Sauer shares her experience as a Korean-American in Washington living through the pandemic. Throughout the course of the interview, she shares how COVID has affected herself and her family as well as how she has supported the Korean-American…

Lori Wada

Lori Wada Interview.docx.pdf
Lori Wada shares her experience as a Korean American in living through the pandemic. Through the interview she shares how her work with Korean-American businesses changed throughout the COVID and why she chooses to center her work in Eastern…

Sung Kye Park

sung Cropped.jpg
Sung Kye Park shares his journey as a Korean-American through the pandemic in relation to his job with the DSHS (DDA) and how the pandemic affected his work and social life. Sung Kye Park has ties within his family that help him relate to his clients…

Print, Photographic

Faded black and white photograph of Joe Chesaw sitting on a horse, wearing a hat and sherling chaps. Three shacks in the background.

Print, Photographic

Black and white photograph of men outside a wooden building with the sign reading "The Pioneer House, L.S. Boyee". Three men on horses and one identified as Joe Chesaw and Charlie Atcheson on left.

Print, photographic

Black and white photograph of children and adults in front of a log schoolhouse. "Chesaw, Wash. school, May 1900" written on reverse.