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Sehyun Che

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Sehyun Che is currently working in photography, video, and graphic design. Growing up in the greater Seattle area this discussion includes a look into a form of pandemic life for Sehyun and their family and their feelings toward overall Asian…

Kim Sauer

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Kim Sauer shares her experience as a Korean-American in Washington living through the pandemic. Throughout the course of the interview, she shares how COVID has affected herself and her family as well as how she has supported the Korean-American…

Tony Ngo

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College senior who grew up in Chinatown and came back during pandemic. Talks about love of neighborhood, effect of early pandemic on local businesses and social life, racial justice issues within APA community

David True

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Mixed race Japanese American doctor who serves patients in long-term care facilities, talks about being at Life Care in Kirkland right before the outbreak there, cons and pros of telemedicine, PPE shortages

Julie Ellington

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This interview touches on the experience of preschool-owner Julie Ellington in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, business closures, and social distancing. Julie’s primarily Chinese preschool had to close due to health department recommendations.…

Dennis Batyuchenko

Dennis Batyuchenko describes his life growing up in Russia, moving to the US at 16, and navigating life as a stateless immigrant here. He includes stories of his time in Montana and Philadelphia, including engaging in crime and drug use, but also…

David Ayala

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David Ayala gives an overview of his life as his church's youth leader, then a union activist during the El Salvadorian Civil War. He also describes his experiences on both sides of immigration, as an immigrant himself, and then as an organizer for…