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Sehyun Che

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Sehyun Che is currently working in photography, video, and graphic design. Growing up in the greater Seattle area this discussion includes a look into a form of pandemic life for Sehyun and their family and their feelings toward overall Asian…

Yin Yu and Rachtha Danh

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A couple living in the Chinatown International District who have been long-time advocates and staunch allies of their communities. Yu is a Taiwanese immigrant who settled in Mukilteo, who among many other accomplishments most recently founded Humbows…

Sami Hilario

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Filipina-American artist and employee of the Wing Luke Museum in Seattle’s Chinatown International District. In this interview, we talk about how her and her family have been influenced by the sudden prevalence of COVID-19, and how this pandemic…

Hieu Pham

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An interview with Dr. Hieu Pham, a family doctor at International Community Health Services (ICHS) and Swedish Hospital. Born in Saigon, Vietnam, Dr. Pham and his family immigrated to the United States where he then pursued and began his career as a…

Mr. Miyashita and his students

Black and White Negative
Music performance portrait, string orchestra, Miyashita
November 16, 1935.The man in the center is Mr. Miyashita. He conducted the local Oriental Orchestra circa 1925, and performed at Nippon Kan.

Web Exhibition: #308


Music Recital

Black and White photograph. Group portrait, violin students. Music Recital. Front row: From left, Michiko Morita; Toshiko Nakamura Fujikado. From right, Fumiko Morita; Miyoko Kodama. The Morita sisters taught violin and piano at their home. (see 189)


Shofuryu Ikebana group

Black and White Negative Shofuryu Ikebana group and dance/shibai group, Oct. 13, 1935. Celebration of Mr. Kurimoto (second row, fifth from left) receiving his shakuhachi name. Second row: third from left, Mr. Edamura; sixth from left, Mr. Oye;…



Woman playing a musical instrument - koto?
Written on negative, Toba