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Family Portrait, Matsumoto.

Black and White photograph.

"Night of Snow" players

Black and White photograph. "Night of Snow" players. November 19, 1939. First row: Third from right, Yoshito Harada; far right, Yoshito (?) Furukawa, Third row: Second from left, George Mizumori. Fourth from right, Shigemi Hamasaki (wearing glasses).

Family portrait Commemoration for Katsumi Isomura

Black and white image Family portrait Commemoration for Katsumi Isomura, who received his degree in shakuhachi (end-blown flute), at 905 E. Terrace, Seattle, May 15, 1938. The plaque on the house is for Katsumi's instructor, Muneyuki "Harry"…

Grand Lotus, Shibai performers

Black and White photograph. Grand Lotus, Shibai (play), Jan. 25, 1936, Nippon Kan Theatre. First row: From left, Nobi Saito; Joe Matsuzaki, now in Seattle; Paul Tomita; Frank Kitamoto. Seventh from left, Fumi Ishikawa; ninth from left, Masaye…

Group portrait, Baseball teams

Black and White photograph. Group portrait, baseball teams with names of towns such as Wapato and Fife, and others with names such as Taiyo and Nippon Giant.. 1936 Baseball tournament, including Taiyo, Fife, Wapato Nippon, Waseda, White River and…


Hiroshima Kenjinkai, New Year celebration

Black and White photograph. Group portrrait, New Year celebration, Jan. 12, 1937 Hiroshima Kenjinkai, New Year celebration, possibly in downtown Seattle, January 12, 1937. Kenjinkai are prefectural organizations, which originally helped support…

Japanese University Club

Black and White photograph. Japanese University Club, located at 15th Ave. and 42nd St., May 10, 1935. The Club was started in 1922 by Issei, and helped house and provide a social center for Nikkei students at the University of Washington. The house…

Nichiren Buddhist Church at 1042 South Weller St. in Seattle.

Ministers in front of the Nichiren Buddhist Church at 1042 South Weller St. in Seattle. Front row: Center, Bishop Junkyo Ikeda. Second row: From left, Rev. Ishihara, Rev. Senchu Murano, Rev. Arakawa

Taiyo Shibai

Black and White Negative Taiyo Shibai (play), Nippon Kan Theatre, February 7, 1936. The hanging flags were gifts given to the Taiyo baseball club from Japanese universities. First row: Far left, Sueno Hikida. Sixth from left, Tyrus Okada; Mrs.…

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Teramoto Sewing School graduation.

Black and white image Group portrait, women, some holding scrolls Written on negative, "Teramoto" Teramoto Sewing School graduation. First row: Second from left, Harue Sao Mori; Mrs. Terada, instructor. Back row: Far left, Reiko (Tomita) Shimizu;…