Eric Chan

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Eric Chan


An interview with Eric Chan from Jade Garden, a longstanding dim sum restaurant located in Seattle’s Chinatown district, was conducted on May 4th, 2020 by Kathy Nguyen. In the interview, Eric recounts his and his family’s experiences with the COVID-19 pandemic so far in relation to his family’s restaurant. Eric begins with a description of his Asian background and continues into general questions about COVID-19, including awareness and understanding of the virus and changes the restaurant has had to adapt to. Eric also recounts how Jade Garden was vandalized, stickers being put up around Chinatown by a white supremacist group, and increase in petty crime around the area. Eric then discusses that since COVID-19, he and his family have had to undergo immense hardships such as long working hours, dealing with an unsure future full of dilemmas, and financial hardships from food delivery companies. He also discusses increased prices from suppliers, inability to gain governmental relief, and reduced customer numbers. Eric explains in detail how Jade Garden is unable to benefit from the federal Paycheck Protection Program meant for small businesses, including the role accountants play in it. Eric closes with an inspiring message that the pandemic has taught him how to be strong.






Kathy Nguyen (UW)