Shigin (Japanese Singing)


Jim Hasegawa and Tomi Zumoto perform a father and daughter act (including song and dance) at the Northwest District Buddhist Convention (2003) 

- Courtesy of Susie Yamane and Kathy Hasegawa

"My dad loved shigin and was actually very serious about it. He was always singing and practicing with low guttural sounds heard around the house but especially emanating from the bathroom. It was an easy place to practice as he loved taking long ofuro (bath). The shower wall was taped full of several pieces of paper with curled edges, and with kanji (Chinese characters) handwritten in black Sharpie.  As you can imagine, it was a lot of work to take a shower at my parent’s house.”

Kathy Hasegawa, Susie Hasegawa Yamane, and Steve Hasegawa  (children of shigin singer, Jim Hasegawa)